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January 30 2018

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“Hey! I’m about to say some cool shit now!” 

A Taako boy for your soul. 

My Taako design!

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belated day one of twins week: fav twin (i can’t choose between them)


characters who crave affection but at the same time have no idea how to respond to actually receiving it due to the fact theyve rarely ever experienced it are my absolute favourite

January 29 2018


Good things that come from being on Tumblr for 5+ years:

  • By this point, you’ve either found a blog theme that you like or you’ve completely resigned yourselves to the default themes. Either way, you know longer care about your blog theme and that’s the way it should be.
  • You constantly gain a new appreciation for the, like, five followers that have followed you since the beginning.
  • You have a never-ending library of memes in your blog’s archives
  • If you ever need a pick-me-up, you can go back into the depths of your blog and find old content that you never thought you’d see again.
  • You probably never reblog unsourced/reposted art because you’ve been on Tumblr long enough to remember the original post in the first place.
  • A great appreciation for the updates that actually made the site work better (putting the reblog button at the bottom of the page, for instance)
  • A complete apathy to any sort of drama that this site devolves into.
  • You’ve probably discovered XKit by now and are grateful every day of your life.
  • You’ve seen and/or participated in some of the greatest events on this website, for better or worse (Mishapocalypse, the “reblog this if you’re in _______ fandom” posts, “What color is the sky?”, DashCon and the immediate fallout)

Bad things that come from being on Tumblr for 5+ years:

  • Different day, different discourse.
  • You’ve slowly watched people that you’ve followed for years go through eighty blog changes and that cool SuperWhoLock blog you once liked is now a belly-button fetish blog and you have to wonder where it all went wrong.
  • “Guys we literally settled this argument like two years ago why the fuck are we doing this all over again”
  • Living long enough to see people’s opinions on groups, events, and identities completely flip flop in the course of a couple of years.
  • Your block list is a mile long and full of porn blogs
  • Going from thinking that Tumblr was the best website ever to an old, jaded veteran who just wants to post memes is a very hardcore slide and it’s given me whiplash
  • Posts that you really used to like were deleted a long time ago back before deactivation was a thing.
  • Being 18+ years old on this site and knowing that the opinions of most of the users basically boil down to what minors think is social justice but really isn’t. Their hearts are in the right place…but… well, they’ve got a ways to go.
  • Out of the blue, someone will message you why you don’t post about certain shows anymore and you don’t have the heart to tell them that you haven’t tuned into that show in 4 years.
  • I hate this website let me drink and leave me be.




“they” (1 word) is shorter than “he or she” (3 words)

“they” is more inclusive than “he/she”

“themself” flows more naturally than “him or herself

“they” is less clunky than “(s)he”

it’s time to replace the awkward “she or he

“hey can you go ask they what does they want for dinner, and when is they coming over to watch movies with they?”

“Hey, can you go ask them what they want for dinner, and when they’re coming over to watch movies?”

Step one is learning how to talk like a human person.

Forget Coffins! This Company Will Swirl You Into Beautiful Glass Creations When You Die




Welp, this is just about all I want in death.

Like, I want to be made into a beautiful glass thing.  I want to be something treasured for a long time and rarely talked about.  I want to live in the home of someone who loved me, and touched now and then in silent memory.

I want people to forget that I’m in there, I want the memory of what I am to pass out of the family’s knowledge.  I want to be given away, and put out in a thriftstore somewhere.  

I want someone to buy my ashes for $4.99 and put me in a window and love the colors.  I want to cast beautiful, fractious and curving sunlight across the wall, sparkling and glowing and shimmering, depending on the time of day.  I want someone to take a picture of me with the moon behind me, luminous and mysterious.

I want a witch to buy me and put me in her work room.  I want an artist to leave me on their worktable.  I want to inspire people and make them smile.  I want to be warm from sunlight or chilly from the cool air.  I want to be packed in newspaper carefully when they move.  I want to be given as a holiday or graduation present to someone’s kid, I want to be given as a housewarming gift as a reminder of home.

And god, then, hopefully some day, I want to roll off the table, I want that globe to crack.

And then I want to haunt the living shit out of the future.

Holy shit, the comment made this sixty times more awesome and now I want this to be done to me too.

my great-grandchild: this is grandma orb, I don’t like calling her that she just put in her will that if she wasn’t addressed as “the orb” or something similar then she’d be pissed

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people need to stop pushing caitlyn jenner as a trans leader of resistance asap



erasing an old animal crossing save file is still one of the most haunting & unnerving things ive ever done in a video game

“Well, enjoy your new life.” is the last phrase animal crossing: wild world gives you before booting you back to the title screen after you wipe your save. after a whole decade of absence it takes on an entirely new meaning. i just dont know how to accurately describe it. it’s the most empty, bitter sendoff i’ve ever felt and it’s from a ds game from 2005

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The End, by Alister Lockhart.

Bruh, if you don’t think that having historically significant events well documented from multiple perspectives is a good thing, then idk what the hell u doin.

Besides, like, that is literally a Giant Monster Rampaging Through The Town. What the fuck is the everyday person gonna do other than Tweet/Instagram/Post about it going “It’s the apocalypse you guys! Eyyyy lmao #apocalypse #deathrising #nofilter”?

#like come on your cellphone may not defeat the beast#but it can gain you like 50000 followers before the skies start raining blood so#who’s the REAL winner here? (via @purplebloodedmajesty)

And heck, even if your own death is inevitable getting information out could help save other people, even if it can’t save you. ‘Here are 20 livestreams of the giant tentacle monster including how it moves and attacks, how can we beat it?’ is way more useful than ‘an entire city got wiped off the map and things smell vaguely of calimari idk man’

reblogging for this perfection: ‘an entire city got wiped off the map and things smell vaguely of calimari idk man’ 

Point #1 on this here article talks about Robert Landsburg, a photographer who realized he wouldn’t survive the eruption of Mt St. Helens (too close to outrun the ash cloud) and used his own body to shield & preserve the photos and recordings he’d been taking during the explosion

these surviving photographs are still CRAZY VALUABLE to this day for the rest of the volcanologist community, since actual recordings of an in-process eruption are so dang rare

on-site documentation of any major disaster is gonna be VITALLY IMPORTANT to the people who are tryna figure out how to prevent that shit

tl;dr have your phone out, make your death-by-kaiju worthwhile to the scientific community

I was just trying to get some coffee y'all

Cartoon octopus facial anatomy




“If I give this thing a human face it will make it less scary right???”

Beakface McGee

The Siphon is the mouth but only in Japan

Drawn by looking at an actual octopus

Drawn by looking at an actual octopus and then telling it to go fuck themself

u forgot one

I didn’t count him cause all other forms are valid in some way as attempts while this creature is just disgusting

October 25 2017


being in college is just talking about how busy you are to people and having them say how busy they are back to you

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Did you hear the news? Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be released on iOS and Android in late November. https://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct/10-24-2017/



sometimes i’ll see ppl in their early 20’s completely fucking covered in tattoos and im like damn what if one day youre 33 and u want a new tattoo but u cant get one cuz u done run out of skin

I thought this was going to be really negative but Im glad with its turnout

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lesbians in space


its actualy really fascinating, the reason they are considering making the mission to mars all female ACTUALLY doesnt have to do with “impure sexual thoughts” or anyhing it has to do with a multitude of factors, for example (cis) women astronauts tend to be smaller and require less food, nasa also did a series of studies showing that in groups, all woman groups showed better cooperation and teamwork than mixed or all men groups, and also probably the most interesting reason is that (cis) mens eyesight is damaged in space travel for reasons we dont even understand yet, for some strange reason the vast majority of men who have been into space have suffered damage to their eyesight and yet almost no women have had this issue, and scientists are still trying to figure out why but in the meantime sending men into space for long periods of time is a huge concern because they may go blind over time … just thought that that headline was a little reductionist and sensationalist so i had to comment, that being said tho…


October 24 2017

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Seriously though, is this still a game affiliated with disney or not? Because those….. “battle” quotes..

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This is what happens when Im not shy



i always seem to follow all the nice people/ nice parts of the fandom

the bad parts of the fandom seem like some far off land that i only hear about through folklore and the tales of swarthy fishermen

#sometimes they float across my dash like a creature from the depths of hell tho

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If Nintendo Made a Smartphone by DesignByPierre

sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

also it wouldn’t break if you drop it half an inch onto a hard surface

October 23 2017

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Craig Ferguson defends his want to have a pet dragon 🐉🐉🐉

Aww Craig 😂

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