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October 11 2017



honestly i would never have the balls to pick up a Death Note to destroy my enemies


i would, however, snatch up a Yeast Infection Note or a UTI Note up real quick-like

I asked my mother what superpowers she’d want if she could have one and she said:  “I want to karmicly inconvenience people.”  

Someone howling hate speech? Oh No! Sudden and inexplicable chronic laryngitis!

Driving like an asshole?  Uh-oh, Car trouble!

Keep saying nasty shit to people online?  No router in your proximity will ever work.

After a moment she added “or convenience them, that’s important too.  Like people who return lost dogs or volunteer time.  They need extra cash and to never have hayfever again, something like that.”



I Don’t Know What That Word Means, But I Know Enough About The Internet That I Know I Don’t Want To Google It. An Adventure In Letting Go And Moving On With Your Life.

I Have A Morbid Curiosity And No Sense Of Self Preservation So I’m Going To Google It Anyway: An Adventure In Gambling Your Eyes Away

October 10 2017


Tv Shows: So here’s the token gay person!

Podcasts: So here’s the token straight per- oh. Oh wait, oh nevermind they’re gay too.


Rey: “I need someone to show me my place in all this.”

Kylo Ren:



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The art of Mark Maggiori


The man had one aesthetic and by god did he make it work



“You’re only watching [insert show here] for the lesbians”





please please please teach your children to cook while they still live under your roof. even the most elementary things can’t be overlooked. because i just had to show my 24 year old boyfriend how to use a potato peeler and now i need to lay down for an hour

i hate this post because it just proves that like.. no simple statement can just be absorbed and the general population of tumblr go ‘yeah that sounds about right.’ i’ve had nazis say it’s a woman’s job to cook, terfs say that it’s only ‘males’ who don’t know how to cook, people have accused me of being classist because some people don’t own potatio peelers, called a bitch for airing out my boyfriend’s dirty laundry (which if the most embarrassing thing i can procure about the guy is that he’s not great in the kitchen i’d say he’s okay lmao)

just shut up and teach your fucking children to cook holy shit dude

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Y'all can’t seriously expect me to be productive everyday of the month

October 09 2017

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Full Size Scan  / Pastel Edit
I’m not sure if anyone has scanned this before but this is my scan so please credit/link back to this post if used. Enjoy!

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“stop calling yourself gay if you’re bi” well sorry shelby but bisexuality has no culture or community to speak of because half the world thinks we don’t exist and the other half thinks we’re inherently untrustworthy/only good for threesomes, and you fucking gremlins decided “queer” is a slur and can no longer be used as an umbrella term in the year of our lord twenty fucking seventeen, so until further notice i’m going to use whatever word i want to describe how i feel when i watch rachel maddow, t h a n k s


when ur OTP isn’t endgame

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DO👏🏻👏🏻 IT👏🏻👏🏻

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Four years ago Quvenzhané Wallis became the youngest Oscar nominee and today she is a published author! She is the first person born in the 21st century to be nominated for an Oscar. Lil Sis is blossoming and feeding creative minds on top of her stellar acting skills! Good for her, and good for all the little ones that will get to read them.

Congratulations, Quvenzhané! Continue to let your light shine and inspire young girls!

adhd college gothic


  • it’s 2:20 pm. you blink. it’s 2:20:01 pm. you blink. it’s 2:20:02 pm. you blink. it’s 2:20:03 pm. you blink. it’s 4:36 pm
  • the next chapter of your textbook is 5 pages long. when you turn the page, it’s exactly the same as the page before it. you read it anyway, and turn the page. it’s exactly the same as the page before it. you can’t remember what you read on the page before this one. you still have 5 pages left in the chapter.
  • you are told to highlight the important parts. you highlight the important parts. when you look back, everything is highlighted.
  • you leave for class ten minutes late and get there ten minutes late. you leave for class 30 minutes early and you get to class ten minutes late. you leave for class on time and get to class ten minutes late.
  • the professor says your research paper can be about any subject. ‘any subject,’ he repeats. he meets your gaze, his pupils swallowing the iris and whites of his eyes. ‘any subject,’ he drawls. the floor cracks open at his feet and you can hear the buzzing of millions of flies from the crevice. ‘you have all semester to finish,’ he adds. ‘no check-ins.’ the crack in the floor extends under your chair. the flies swarm up under you. ‘good luck,’ the professor says. the buzzing fills your head and blurs your vision.
  • the professor is talking about something you learned last year. you pull out your phone to play a cell phone game until she gets to something new. when you look up, she’s handing out the final exam. you check the date on your phone. the semester has ended. you remember nothing.
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You forgot the “not”

no, i didn’t, actually.

this site is so goddamn anti-recovery. i’ve been spending years trying to get better but everyone’s mindset of “if you spend every hour of every day wanting to kill yourself you’re valid uwu” was just making my health worse. everyone on this site would be doing much better if they would stop being so negative.

it’s as if you want to stay mentally ill. you would think that people so miserable would want their lives to improve. if you want to get any better, stop rejecting every bit of positivity you see and forcing your toxic mindset on others.

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demon fairy girlfriends


I used to say that Rick and Morty was a conspiracy to get redditors to feel smart about laughing at fart jokes, but I change my mind.

Rick and Morty is a conspiracy to cull redditors by getting them to kill each other over ketchup packets.


me: saves, clicks exit game

game: are you sure you want to exit? any unsaved progress will be lost.

me: shit ur right

me: saves,

October 08 2017

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Lycanroc Around The Clock

I think I just found my Spirit Pokémon.

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