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March 09 2017


The worst thing to have ever happened to me is when I found out that Chihiro does not have any memory of what happened in the spirit world

March 08 2017


Riku @ sora: im not a total sap like you

riku @sora 10 minutes later: you can’t imitate having you for a friend #blessed 😚😚❤💯💯


When you’re just trying to do your job but every guy on the show thinks they can do it better than you 

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Beautiful Handmade Book Clutches by Elena Myloslavskaya

Russian artist Elena Myloslavskaya is a fashionista with the heart of a bookworm. When she couldn’t find her dream bag, she took the decision to make her own collection in her Etsy shop called Bagatelle Studio.

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Bridgette appreciation post <3

Felix version (x)

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Happy International Women’s Day!

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Today is the 8th of March.

Tomorrow, Neil will receive a 0 on his phone.

Tomorrow will also be the day of “I want to go back for you.”

“Don’t come crying to me when they break your face.” (Andrew didn’t know how several hours later they would do just that)

The bus ride where they spent three hours talking and listening and opening up to each other.

Then of course, “Thank you.You were amazing.”






Things that crack me up about Legolas:

  • Okay, so maybe the film guide says he was born in TA 87, but looking at clues from HOME and the Silmariilion, he’s at the very most a bit over 2000 years old at time of The Fellowship of the Ring. He’s the youngest elf that we know about in that time period. ARWEN is older than him. He’s creeped out by Fangorn being so old but he calls all mortals children because he’s a little shit.
  • Tolkien would get super pissed off when Legolas was shown in illustrations as “pretty or lady-like” and insisted that he was the biggest, roughest, toughest of the elves and the most hardcore of the Fellowship. Legolas is like the freaking Schwarzenegger of the elves, nbd.
  • Best friend is a dwarf whose father was literally imprisoned by Legolas’ father and yet he still brought him to the Undying Lands for the most awkward family reunion because screw you Thranduil. And let me remind you that a) Gimli is the only, only dwarf who got to make the trip and Legolas invited him. Other people had to get permission from like the literal Valar and Legolas was like I want to bring my mortal bff yeah he wasn’t a ringbearer but whatevs. Also b) most of the people who left in TA 3201 went on like these fleets of beautiful vessels with a master shipbuilder but Legolas was like nope, going to build one myself, never built one before but it can’t be that hard, right?
  • While Sindarin is the most common Elvish language by the time Legolas is alive, it’s considered really ugly and and unrefined, but here Legolas is running around probably not even able to speak the language of his ancestors, and I imagine him super proud of what must sound like an awful accent to his people.
  • Also super explains how useless he was at Moira trying to decipher the door because he doesn’t have time to deal with those snobs.
  • All the Fellowship got useful gifts or ones with spiritual meaning but instead Galadriel was like no, Legolas, I’m going to give you this big ass bow that’s bigger than the Mirkwood ones and it’s going to be so sick yeah it’s like taller than you are BUT ITS GOING TO LOOK SO SWEET.

are you telling me that Legolas is like… the baby gay dudebro redneck of the elves?

yes my friend, that is exactly what I am telling you

I have been given a gift.




when you listen to a song for the first time aND YOU JUST KNOW

Witch Tip #154






Wearing a peach pit around your neck will ward off evil.

Bad witch tip: several peach pits and a sling shot will ward of everything else

worse witch tip: a few peach pits correctly distilled will produce cyanide, which should sort yer problems out nicely.

Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil

Magrat, Nanny Ogg, Granny Weatherwax. 



I ordered Jimmy Johns and it took the delivery man 5 minutes and 1 second to bring me my food and he showed up with a katana and my sandwich and said “I’m so sorry, I’ve gone over my time promise, please, dispose of me, I am worthless” and handed me the katana and I was like “yo what, I don’t care dude, go back to your work it’s fine” and he was like “THEN BOSS WILL DISPOSE OF ME YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND I BROKE THE PROMISE” and then cops showed up and started shooting at him and was like “YOU’RE TOO KIND LADY, HE MUST DIE, ITS A LAW.” and then one cop started swinging the katana at his neck then I woke up

Source name. Keep forgetting to look at source names






I was getting pretty fed up with links and generators with very general and overused weapons and superpowers and what have you for characters so:

Here is a page for premodern weapons, broken down into a ton of subcategories, with the weapon’s region of origin. 

Here is a page of medieval weapons.

Here is a page of just about every conceived superpower.

Here is a page for legendary creatures and their regions of origin.

Here are some gemstones.

Here is a bunch of Greek legends, including monsters, gods, nymphs, heroes, and so on. 

Here is a website with a ton of (legally attained, don’t worry) information about the black market.

Here is a website with information about forensic science and cases of death. Discretion advised. 

Here is every religion in the world. 

Here is every language in the world.

Here are methods of torture. Discretion advised.

Here are descriptions of the various methods used for the death penalty. Discretion advised.

Here are poisonous plants.

Here are plants in general.

Feel free to add more to this!

An exceedingly useful list of lists for writers.



Reblogging for own reference…

Increase your knowledge, increase your inspiration.

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A continuation of this.  Anyone who owns a cat knows there’s a 50/50 chance that they’ll eat it, or just stare at it like the little assholes they are. 


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